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Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity

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“Charitable Shopping”. “WikiShopping”. “WikiCharity”?

These all have meaning at “Books for Bucks

Clothes, jewelry, shoes, mp3 players, Hello Kitty?

We’ve got it all. And at great prices.

Welcome to Books for Bucks. This is the place that you can effortlessly lend a helping hand to the charities or organizations that have meaning for you. Just by doing what you would normally be doing. Shopping. In numbers, as you join together with other like minded shoppers, you can make a difference for the organizations that have meaning for you.

Books for Bucks is the one stop shop for anyone trying to save money and raise money all at the same time. Now, you can shop without the hassle and expense of your local shopping mall.

No more outrageous prices, limited selection, crowded parking lots or long lines.

Through our partnerships with national retailers, find all of the items you need, new or used, school supplies, and other essentials for less. Through special offers with merchants, save even more through free shipping and rebate specials.

Check out our “Go Shopping” page or “Store Directory” to find over nearly 400 retailers, with more being added all the time. Keep checking for your favorite shopping sites or recommend your favorites to us. And if that’s not enough, each page in our Shopping Categories also has a link to Shop for Society’s PowerMall, holding over 1000 online retailers.

Or, just download our Google powered Toolbar and you will have access to a continually updated list of online retailers, as well as other great features, such as RSS feeds and radio broadcasts.

By shopping with Shop for Society, you can raise money for your favorite organization or national charity just by shopping. CharityWith each purchase, Shop for Society will make a contribution to the organization of your choosing. Nearly every action, whether it’s clicking on an ad, making a purchase or performing a search , has potential monetary value. Your online activity is a great way to support worthwhile activities that are facing significant decreases in formal charitable donations during this period of economic slowdown.

You can make a difference !

If you are a college student and want to raise money for your fraternity or sorority, use our special Donate Page to designate your fraternity or sorority for charitable donation. If your organization isn’t registered, it’s easy to complete the College Registration Form.

To see what your own university web site can look like, just see the examples from Ohio State, American University and University of Virginia, among others.

Forget the campus bookstore and outrageous prices.

Save money and raise money. It’s that simple.


    Top BfB Retailers
  • eBay
  • TextbookX
  • Choice Hotels

 Top BfB Charities
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Grass Roots
  • American Cancer Society
  • Pi Kappa Alpha
  • Pingree School




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Be the days' 100th click on ShopStyle and a $3 donation will be made to Habitat for Humaity, this month's featured charitable organization.

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star 33Otherwise, just follow these 4  steps

Use Books for Bucks to find your favorite shopping site in one of three ways. Either “Go Shopping”, choose from the “Shopping Categories” or browse the ”Shopping Directory”. Each of these has banner, logo or text links to your favorite shopping sites.

star 33After you have      finished shopping, note of the cost of goods purchased. Do not include extra expenses, such as tax, postage, or insurance.

You must access your shopping sites by first clicking on their banner, logo or directory listing found in the Shop for Society website. If you go directly to the retailer’s website, your purchase will not earn credit for your organization.

star 33Once you’ve finished shopping return to the Books for Bucks  website. Then, click on the Donatebutton which can be found on any page. 

star 33Then just complete the Shop for Society Submit Form and the donation to your favorite charity or organization will be on its way.


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2.5% of the value to be donated to the charitable organization of your choice.

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